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Facebook Live: Getting Real With Your Finances in 2022

Is your goal to buy or sell a home in 2022?

Is your goal to buy or sell a home in 2022? If the answer is, “Yes,” then your finances will be a key component especially as we continue in a sellers’ market in Pennsylvania. 

We kicked off our 2022 Facebook Live Shows with a topic everyone is sure to gain helpful information from: Getting Real With Finances.

Sheena, Lissette, and I met with Kendy Alvarez, a mortgage banker with Co/Lab Lending (previously known as Keystone Alliance Mortgage), to discuss how you can get financially fit if your goal is to buy a home in 2022.

If you’re looking to sell your home in 2022, you can still benefit from watching our live show since you’ll likely need to buy a new home, too!

Watch our live recap to uncover important information in regards to:

  • What credit score is ideal for securing a mortgage loan and why
  • How to improve your credit score
  • The benefits of a secured credit card and how it can help you build credit
  • What debt-to-income ratio is
  • How much money (cash) you might need to win offers

We can help you with what you need to know about finances and mortgages to prepare you to achieve your 2022 home buying goals.

 If you’re interested in speaking with a member of our team to schedule a free buyers or sellers consultation, contact us online or give us a call at 717-761-4300.

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