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My name is Aris Scott, and I am a real estate buyers agent on The Erica Rawls Team. The Erica Rawls Team is dedicated to helping people like you become smart, responsible homeowners. I’m also a native Harrisburg resident (born and raised!), so I enjoy connecting with my community and sharing why I became a REALTOR® serving the Harrisburg/Central PA area in the first place. After all, if you’re considering moving to this area, what’s better than having a native resident help you find your dream home?! If you’re looking to buy a home in the Central PA area, feel free to email me anytime at aris@ericarawls.com or give me a call at 717-460-4652, and I’ll be happy to set up a meeting with you! You can schedule a buyer’s consultation with me directly using the button below! I also offer virtual appointments.

Q : “Why do you love real estate?”

I love real estate because it has no limitations. It’s something where you get what you put in.

I also enjoy it because of the long-term relationships you build with not only your customers, but your teammates and other people you meet within the real estate industry.

Q: “Why do you enjoy what you do?”

While real estate is fairly new to me, I enjoy it because I never know what to expect.

With some professions, your day-to-day is very routine and, eventually, that can take the love and enjoyment out of it. But, with real estate, every day is a new opportunity to do new things and impact others, even if it’s not through selling a home.

Q: “What’s one thing you wish you would’ve known or didn’t know when you bought your first house?”

While I do not own my own home yet, I’ve learned the process looks a lot different from the outside looking in.

As a REALTOR®, I understand the process in a different way than the average home buyer, so it’s a different type of satisfaction to witness the process from start to end from the inside.

Being a real estate agent, I also know that home buyers get a lot of information thrown at them, which can be overwhelming, but helpful.

So, in my role as a REALTOR®, I want to make sure that I can educate my clients on the complexities of the process so they can make the best decision for themselves.

Q: “What’s your motto/personal mantra?”

“Don’t let yesterday affect today.”

You have different battles you fight everyday. Some days may be high and others may be low. At the end of the day, you have to learn to let go and move forward.

Q: “Why do you believe education is so important in the home buying/selling process?”

Education is important for our clients because the more they know, the more comfortable they will be and the easier the process will be for them to handle.

As REALTORS®, education is important on our end because we want our clients to know we truly have their best interest in mind and we’re not trying to get over on them. We’re teaching them step-by-step what needs to be done so they have a positive experience with us. Education and communication is a big part of that for us in the home buying process.

Q: “What’s the best experience you had helping someone, or a family, buy a home?”

As I focus on continuously building up my clientele, my intention is and always will be for my clients to know that I did my best navigating them to the finish line and purchasing their dream home.

My goal is to create a home buying experience for my clients so they know I was honest with them about how to proceed and they feel beyond satisfied with their experience working with me to help them purchase their dream home.

If I can build a long-term relationship with them beyond the immediate business relationship, my mission has been completed.

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