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On Thursday, May 25, our hearts were filled with joy as we hosted "A Time to Bloom," a client appreciation paint-and-sip night.

Discover five reasons to get a pre-listing inspection before listing your house for sale.

Learn the benefits of obtaining a mortgage pre-approval prior to shopping for a home.

Learn what a seller's property disclosure is and why you need one prior to listing your home in PA.

Learn why an earnest money deposit is important when you're serious about buying a home.

During our Facebook Live show “Let’s Talk Appraisals”, Sheena, Lissette and I met with James “Jim” Young, owner of Young Residential Appraisals, to discuss what a home appraisal is and why it’s necessary when buying or selling a home.  Jim Young is an independent appraiser and has completed hundreds of

During a recent Facebook Live broadcast Sheena Lansanah, our listing agent, asked these burning questions to our audience.  “Why do people like to wait until the spring or summer to purchase a home?  What is it about the spring and summer that makes people feel it’s a better time to

After a few months of thinking it over, you’ve finally made the decision to purchase your first home. You picture the process to be fairly simple: find a realtor, tour a few homes until you find your dream home, obtain a mortgage, and then you have your new home,right? Not

The Erica Rawls Team is “Keeping it Real” with Kristin Harper, Founder & CEO of Driven to Success LLC On our Facebook Live show, Keeping It Real: Real Estate and Real Issues, we cover a variety of topics desired by our social media audience. Since our Facebook audience is largely

Keeping It Real About Coronavirus and Its Impact on Central PA’s Real Estate Market On our latest Keeping it Real With Erica Rawls Team Facebook Live episode, the Erica Rawls Team discussed how we’re practicing social distancing while sharing our predictions about how we think the Coronavirus will impact the

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