Facebook Live: How to Negotiate Your Mortgage Terms

During this episode of Keeping it Real: Real Estate and Real Issues, Lissette Gonzalez, Sheena Lansanah and Erica Rawls sat down to talk about how to negotiate your mortgage rates when buying or refinancing a home. 

We learned some helpful information that home buyers have the ability to negotiate their mortgage terms; however, you must have something to leverage like good credit. 

Watch our latest Facebook live to learn how you can negotiate your mortgage terms. 

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**Note to Add:** In the video, Erica misspoke about the loan to value. The correct information is as follows:

 Once you have an 80% loan to value; meaning you have at least 20% equity, NOT 80% equity in your home, that is when your mortgage insurance will or should drop off. 

We challenge you to review the market on a yearly basis because you may be able to get your mortgage insurance dropped prematurely due to home values increasing but most likely will need an appraisal.

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