Meet Kayla Slade-Bowers - Real Estate Buyer Agent

Hey y’all!

My name is Kayla Slade-Bowers, and I am a real estate buying agent on the Erica Rawls Team.

The Erica Rawls Team is dedicated to helping people like you become smart, responsible homeowners.

I’m also a native Harrisburg resident (born and raised!), so I enjoy connecting with my community and sharing why I became a REALTOR® serving the Harrisburg/Central PA area in the first place.

If you’re looking to buy a home in the Central PA area, feel free to email me anytime at kayla@ericarawls.com or give me a call at 717-678-6676, and I’ll be happy to set up a free consultation with you!

You can schedule a buyer’s consultation with me directly using the button below!

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Q : “Why do you love real estate?”

I love real estate because I have the ability to help people  become successful.

I also always wanted to take the next step in my career from working as a leasing agent.

My goal as a real estate agent is to help people become homeowners because many people don’t know or don’t think they can own a home.

We can go through this journey together with our clients to help them get where they need to be, and that’s what I enjoy the most.

Q: “Why do you enjoy what you do?”

I love interacting with other people from all different backgrounds.

Within our team of real estate agents, I also enjoy being around the same people that share a similar mindset as mine. We’re all different, and we all bring something new to the table. I enjoy working around other real estate agents who are motivated just like me.

When I’m working with clients, I enjoy helping others and using my different skills to do so. Whether that’s coming up with a creative solution for their unique situation or educating them on the next steps of the process.

Q: “What’s one thing you wish you would’ve known or didn’t know when you bought your first house?”

While I have not purchased my own home yet, I have learned about the need to thoroughly research the property you want to buy and the importance of reviewing your sellers’ property disclosure.

I know how important it is to have the right path when it comes to understanding finances when going into the homebuying process so you don’t overpay and still have some savings left in the bank. I want to make sure the house I purchase is truly the one I want, not just what I can get within my price range.

I will be sure to have my 4 C’s lined up (capacity, capital, credit and collateral.)

It wasn’t until I became a real estate agent that I realized how much goes into the process; you’re literally telling your life away to your REALTOR® and lender.

Because of my profession, I know how important financial stability is when purchasing a home. You want to have money set aside for incidental expenses, safety, and security needs.

For example, if the house you accept says it may need a new roof in three years, you need to be prepared financially to have money set aside to fix it when the time comes. Or, if you purchase a house that’s in foreclosure, you should understand that you’ll have to pay the difference of the home’s value.

Q: “What’s your motto/personal mantra?”

“I got this.”

I tell myself this everyday. I love motivational quotes, and I actually have this phrase on a shirt.

I originally developed the phrase due to self-doubt, anxiety, and a fear of failing. Now, it’s something I tell myself to break out of that mindset whenever that creeps up.

When I’m working within my career the quote helps me remember, “I can show this house and get this offer accepted.”

Q: “Why do you believe education is so important in the home buying/selling process?”

It’s important to educate our buyers about the home buying process because a lot of people we come in contact with don’t know much about it.

Many people hear from family members about signing up for programs, but they don’t always take that route.

WIth our education, we can help you look at your assets and liabilities and you may be able to afford financing on your own without a program. Let us help you get there by educating you on all of your options.

Q: “What’s the best experience you had helping someone, or a family, buy a home?”

I had the best experience with my second client; he was a first-time home buyer.

Our team lead, Erica Rawls, sat in on the initial consultation with him and I and then I took over.

We got him pre-approved for a mortgage, went shopping, completed paperwork, etc. However, the process didn’t go without roadblocks.

Regardless of what obstacles we encountered, he was always like, “Okay, how do we fix it.”

He was a true partner in our process, especially since he was only my second client at the time.

With our teamwork, we got him to the closing table and he even created a video to document his entire home buying process with us.

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