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Facebook Live: Myths About Buying and Selling A Home

Myths vs Facts About Today’s Real Estate Market

“Should you wait to buy until home prices and mortgage rates start to fall?”

The short answer is “No.” 

According to industry experts, home prices are going to continue to rise, which means you’re going to pay more the longer you wait, Sheena explains. 

So, if you’re actively shopping, you should not wait. You don’t want to lose the momentum you’ve been working toward. It will actually set you back, Lissette said.

Can I sell my house above market value?”

“No. It depends on several factors.”

We also covered seller myths too, such as “Can I sell my house above market value?”

While you may certainly see homes being sold above their value, it’s not likely that you will get above and beyond your home’s actual market value. 

When you price your home too high, you risk it sitting on the market.

In addition, today’s buyers are more educated and intune with the market and they may have researched home prices in your neighborhood for comparison.

Watch the full Facebook Live recap to learn the answers to more common myths about home ownership and selling a home in today’s market. 

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