Facebook Live: May 2022 Real Estate Market Update

During this week’s Facebook Live show, “Keeping it Real: Real Estate and Real Issues” Erica Rawls, Sheena Lansanah, and Lissette Gonzalez sat to talk about hot topics surrounding the real estate market in May 2022. 

When we talk about real estate, we talk about it by measuring months of inventory. 

  • In a seller’s market, there’s less than 6 month sof inventory, which means home prices will appreciate. –This is what we’re currently in!
  • In a buyer’s market, there’s greater than 7 months of inventory, which means home prices will depreciate. 
  • In a neutral market, there’s between 6-8 months of inventory, which means home prices will appreciate with inflation. 

As of May 11, 2022 in Dauphin County, we have less than one month of inventory, which means we have a rapid market. This doesn’t mean that homes aren’t selling, it’s just that we have limited inventory. 

Watch the recap to learn more market updates from our realtors for May 2022. 

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