How Does the Pre-Settlement Walkthrough Work in Central Pennsylvania?

How Does the Pre-Settlement Walkthrough Work in Central Pennsylvania?

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Once you’ve bought a home, you need to start thinking about the pre-settlement walkthrough. You’ll want to schedule it at least an hour prior to your settlement time. Better yet, you probably want to have your walkthrough a day before the settlement to give you time to inspect the home one last time and make sure it’s in the condition you are expecting it to be.

For buyers who requested the sellers to fix certain items per the inspection report, be sure to take that addendum along with you and check off the items that have been repaired to ensure that all of your requests were taken care of. Next, tour the exterior of the home and make sure there are no missing shingles or siding; run all the faucets to make sure they work right; and run the washer, dryer, and dishwasher through full cycles.


The final walkthrough is also an opportunity to confirm that the items you included in your Agreement to Sale that are to transfer with the property are in the property. For example, window treatments, TV brackets, refrigerators, and any other furniture or appliances you think should be there. This is also a great time to check whether the heating system is working properly; if the temperature is above 60 degrees, check the cooling system!

If you’re on the selling side, be aware that the Agreement of Sale states that upon the transfer of a home in Pennsylvania, the home must be clean and free of debris. When selling, you need to put yourself in the buyer’s position; make sure the house is presentable and go above and beyond to make sure the home looks good. If you’re unsure of whether the buyer is okay with something, just ask them!

Take a little extra time to tour the property to make sure that everything is out of the house and go through the bill of sale to ensure everything is there that should be there!

If you have any questions about pre-settlement walkthroughs, whether buying or selling, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We would love to hear from you!

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